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Meet the Team

Our Leadership

Portrait of Marcio Oliveira

Marcio Oliveira

Assistant Vice President for Academic Technology and Innovation
Portrait of Marco Molinaro

Marco Molinaro

Executive Director for Educational Effectiveness and Analytics
Portrait of Mary E. Warneka

Mary E. Warneka

Director of Teaching Innovation
Portrait of Tami Kopischke Smith

Tami Kopischke Smith

Associate Director of Learning Success

Our Specialists

Portrait of Emily Berman

Emily Berman

Education Development Specialist
Portrait of Gorgette Y. Green-Hodnett

Gorgette Y. Green-Hodnett

Academic Enrichment Programs Coordinator
Portrait of Ginny Hutcheson

Ginny Hutcheson

Learning Experience Designer
Portrait of Louisa Nkrumah

Louisa Nkrumah

Learning Experience Designer
Portrait of Mayonn Paasewe-Valchev

Mayonn Paasewe-Valchev

Instructional Designer
Portrait of Danielle Pafe

Danielle Pafe

Collaborative Learning Coordinator
Portrait of Jackelyn López Roshwalb

Jackelyn López Roshwalb

Learning Experience Designer
Portrait of Yvette Motley

Yvette Motley

Learning Skills Specialist
Portrait of Jayna Resman

Jayna Resman

Math Learning Specialist
Portrait of Dawn Simounet

Dawn Simounet

Learning Experience Designer
Portrait of Mona Thompson

Mona Thompson

Senior Education Development Specialist
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