TLTC Mission

The TLTC inspires and supports effective, engaging, efficient, and equitable teaching innovations among the University’s instructors and assistants.  Our team provides faculty, students, and staff with training, resources, professional development activities, and individualized consultation to transform their classrooms and careers.  Together as a campus learning community we can all enhance our teaching, improve student outcomes, and advance Maryland as an international leader in evidence-based education.


TLTC Values

  • Scholarly evidence should guide our approach to teaching and learning.

A great deal of research now provides a clear and coherent story about how people learn and what helps them do it.  As scholars of teaching and learning, we can all be more effective if we leverage evidence-based course design, learning activities, and assessment practices.  The TLTC should help translate scholarly findings into actionable recommendations and support pedagogical research, publications, and presentations.

  • Education should be accessible and inclusive.

As members of our campus learning community we all share the responsibility for ensuring that our classrooms embody the true spirit of equity, diversity, and inclusion.  The TLTC should help instructors and assistants understand and provide appropriate accommodations, facilitate the ongoing dialog about obstacles to a fully inclusive learning environment, and support innovative approaches to overcoming them.

  • It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter.

Refining your craft does not have to mean starting from scratch or doubling your time, it means getting more out of the time you are already spending.  As teachers and assistants, we can all benefit from techniques and technologies that streamline our efforts and maximize our results.  As mentors, we can all help teach our students how to study effectively and prepare themselves for assessment of their mastery and skills.

  • Excellence in teaching should be celebrated among scholars.

Your efforts to advance student outcomes, and therefore to advance one of the University’s core missions, should be widely recognized and rewarded.  The TLTC should help share your great work with the broader community and facilitate efforts to recognize excellence in teaching at all levels.

  • We have to invest in what we wish to grow.

Innovation doesn’t happen on its own… to be an international leader means that we have to invest our time and resources in your development and success.  The TLTC should help connect colleges, departments, instructors, and assistants with internal and external sources of support for innovation and excellence in our classrooms.