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Strategic Areas

Strategic Areas: 3-year Goals & Initiatives

Instructional Success

Foster instructor development and course redesign by providing resources and services that consistently exceed the needs of our instructional community.


  • Develop, refine and scale high-quality professional development programs, instructional design services, and comprehensive resources  
  • Support instructors to grow in their teaching to better promote student learning - specifically, improving the course climate, content, practice, and assessment in ways that are aligned with education research. 

Learning Success

Cultivate the development of exceptional learning skills and habits by supporting, improving, and enriching the students’ experiences and promoting academic achievements.


  • Create and expand opportunities to develop student self-efficacy for learning, metacognitive skills, positive relationships & academic agency that meet all students where they are and promote further academic exploration and opportunity.
  • Facilitate students in advancing their learning through individual reflection and leading one another toward a culture of curiosity, continuous growth in learning and academic excellence.

Teaching Innovation

Empower faculty to innovate in their teaching by building off of their foundational skills in teaching and learning, and pursuing grants to fund their creative research and programs. 


  • Support innovative faculty through the dispersal of internal grant funding, and partnerships to pursue extramural research grants. 
  • Design and implement a comprehensive curriculum to advance campus knowledge about foundational and cutting-edge college instruction. 

Education Evaluation

Assess the efficacy and efficiency of campus programs and policy through collaborations with campus administrators. 


  • Support administrators seeking to improve teaching and learning on campus through assessment.
  • Conduct rigorous evaluations to assess the extent to which programs and policies are meeting their goals.
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