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Graduate Student Orientation to Teaching

Are you a graduate student or postdoc getting ready to serve as a TA or instructor of record? The Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) hosts an orientation for you every January and August. Each orientation consists of both an asynchronous handbook for you to access any time and live workshops, either in person or over Zoom. The handbook and live workshops cover different materials, so we recommend you engage with both.

Save the Date: Fall 2024 Orientation Events

We have two different orientation event to prepare you to teach this Fall -- they cover different topics, so you are encouraged to sign up for one or both of them, depending on your preferences and schedule!

Graduate Student Orientation to Teaching - Thurs. August 22nd, 2-4pm (online)

This online workshop will cover important teaching concepts, resources, and policies to help you feel prepared on your first day of teaching. This session is designed to be interactive, and you'll be talking and doing activities with your peers in breakout rooms for part of the time.

Additional Grad Student Teaching Support - Fri. August 23rd, 9am-1pm (in-person)

These in-person workshops allow you to take a deeper dive into some teaching concepts and connect with fellow graduate student instructors. Breakfast and lunch are included. 

While both sessions are designed for graduate students and postdocs about to teach (as a TA or instructor of record) for the first time this spring, if you're a grad student or postdoc who's already taught for a semester or two and is looking to brush up on your knowledge, you're welcome to join us as well!

Please contact the TLTC if you have any questions about these events!

Read the Asynchronous Handbook

Look through this handbook any time for information on common topics for graduate instructors of record and TAs. It includes sections on understanding your responsibilities, technology support and guidance, lesson planning, and more.

Watch recorded content

Watch the January 2024 orientation sessions for information welcoming you to teaching at UMD and explaining some of the ways you will think about your new role as an instructor.

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