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Femal instructor with her hair pulled back in a ponytail writes notes on a chalkboard as she teaches a class.

Learning Assistance for Students

If you notice students are struggling in your class, whether it's with time management, note-taking, test anxiety or even basic mathematics, the Learning Assistance Service at the University of Maryland can help. LAS offers a wide range of services to improve student success on campus. From academic coaching to guided study sessions, LAS resources help students improve their grades and get more out of their classes. 

Experience has shown that many students have not developed effective college learning strategies and often underestimate the amount of time needed to be a successful college student. The LAS philosophy is to help empower students to be more active, engaged, self-regulated learners.

"Metacognitive Strategies" force students to think about how they're learning

Helping students understand how they learn is an effective way to improve academic performance. Metacognitive strategies force students to think about how they're learning.

According to LAS, some of those strategies include: 

  • Time for students to reflect on content covered in class - try using think, pair, share technique
  • Exam Wrappers - review exam performance and study strategies with students
  • Blooms Taxonomy - encourage students to move from memorizing to creating content
  • Retrieval Practice - test how students retrieve information from memory
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