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Photo of McKeldin Library in the snow.

Share Expectations with Your Students

During unexpected disruptions, we need to do everything we can to make expectations for our courses clear. 

Make Your Plan

For a long term disruption, think through a course pattern or rhythm. When will you post content for a new lesson or unit? When should students read course materials and watch lecture videos? When are weekly assignments due? If your course is synchronous (in-person or online) what should students read, watch, review, or complete before coming to class? 

For a short term disruption, make a plan for how you will adjust activities, assignments, and class time. Don't assume all students have access to a computer - some may be working from a cell phone or rely on the library for computer access.

Share with Students

Share your expectations in your syllabus (for long term disruptions) or in an announcement or email.

Another place to share this information is on the “Getting Started” page of your course ELMS site. Search for the TLTC Online Template in Canvas Commons, import the template into your course site, and edit the “Getting Started 2” page. More detailed instructions can be found here - Importing Templates from Canvas Commons to ELMS.

Gather Feedback and Respond

Create an anonymous, ungraded survey in ELMS-Canvas to receive feedback from students. After reviewing the feedback, have a conversation with students to share the following: 

  • What you can adjust a little for the whole class
  • Your rationale for keeping certain things the same
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