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4 or 5 students gather around a table studying. A black male and an Asian female sit at the center.

Learn About Learning



Hack Your Brain Mini-Course


Do you want to get the best results for the effort you are putting in?  It is not about how smart you are, or how many hours you's about using the most effective strategies to get more out of the time you spend learning.  Complete this 30-minute mini-course to learn about five scientifically-proven strategies for achieving your academic and professional learning goals.

Terps helping Terps learn the science behind learning.


What neuroscience says about burnout.

How to Avoid Burnout? Mindfulness, Socialize, Sleep, Exercise

Learn what neuroscience says about burnout and how to prevent it in this student produced website by Kasra Kaviani.

Transitioning from the pandemic: Creating new habits and setting goals.

Mental Health After the Pandemic: Campus Resources

Creating new habits and setting goals

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