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Guided Study Sessions

Program Overview

The Guided Study Sessions (GSS) Program offers FREE, regularly scheduled group review sessions for students in traditionally difficult courses. 

Based on the Supplemental Instruction (SI) model, our trained peer facilitators plan and hold two, 50-minute study sessions per week to help you practice and put difficult material in perspective. Our GSS Leaders have previously taken your course and earned an A, so they know what it takes to stay on track in lectures and prepare for exams. Go once, a few times, or attend every session—it’s never too late to start attending GSS. However, our data suggests that the more you attend, the higher your course grade will be.

Note: For the Spring 2022 semester, some Guided Study Sessions will be conducted in-person and others will be conducted virtually through Zoom. To access a specific virtual session, please contact your GSS Leader or email from a University email address.


Spring 2022 Guided Study Sessions Schedule

Note: The preliminary Fall 2022 schedule will be posted in late August, and finalized in early September.

Courses Supported by GSS in Spring 2022

  • BCHM 461, BCHM 462, BCHM 463
  • BSCI 170, BSCI 201, BSCI 202, BSCI 207, BSCI 222
  • CHEM 131, CHEM 231, CHEM 241, CHEM 271
  • ECON 200
  • MATH 115, MATH 135, MATH 140, MATH 141, MATH 246
  • PSYC 100
  • STAT 400

Who Are the Leaders?

All GSS Leaders are undergraduate students who have taken their GSS course in the past and succeeded in achieving the learning objectives. Read more about your GSS Leader.

If you have an A in a GSS-supported course and a desire to empower other learners, consider applying to become a GSS Leader. Visit our GSS application page for more information.

Contact Us

For more information, or to request disability accommodations for our program, please email the Guided Study Sessions Program at

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