Mid-Semester Evaluation of College Teaching

The Teaching and Learning Transformation Center designed the Mid-Semester Evaluation of College Teaching (MSECT), a research-based formative evaluation tool that instructors can use to gather valid, reliable, and actionable feedback on their teaching. 

Research behind the Mid-Semester Evaluation of College Teaching: The MSECT provides instructors with an easy way to gain feedback about what is and is not working in the class. Evaluating what practice to start, stop, or continue during the semester, allows you, the instructor, time to make changes to better meet the needs of the learners (Cueseu, 2002; McKeachie, 1999). The MSECT is based on the Fearless Teaching Framework

Conduct the Mid-Semester Evaluation of College Teaching (MSECT): Please use our FREE GoogleForm Template to conduct your own evaluation. We will not have access to your student feedback or evaluation results. Follow the instructions below and then proceed to