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Learning Communities (instructor)

A faculty learning community is a specifically structured learning community of faculty, instructors, and staff in higher education with a curriculum that enhances teaching and learning and includes the goals of building community, engaging in scholarly practice, and developing the scholarship of teaching and learning.  (Cox, 2019)

Upcoming Opportunties:

    In this five-part learning community, we will explore strategies to help students grow as learners and thinkers. We will read, discuss, and reflect on ways to build students' confidence through feedback, studying strategies, mindset, and more. Join us to see how shifts in your teaching practice can lead to huge gains for students!  

    Coordinated by Ginny Hutcheson, TLTC

    This learning community is closed. Stay tuned for future learning opportunities.

    Hy-Flex defined:  My Class Has Both Online and In-Person Students!

    When multiple modes of delivery are offered and students are allowed to choose their participation method for each class session as well as for each activity during class time. This modality incorporated in-person, online synchronous as well as online asynchronous lesson plans for each learning opportunity. (Example: A course allowing students to choose between being seated in class, watching a simulcast of the class remotely, or watching a recording of the class session at a later time.) 

    In this five-part learning community, we will discuss the design and implementation considerations and best practices for Hy-Flex and Simulcast modalities of instruction. This community will meet in-person, with the opportunity for online participation over Zoom. For experienced instructors as well as those eager to employ this strategy for the first time. 

    Apply today! Coordinated by Mary Warneka, TLTC

    To read more about course delivery options, see our Learning Spaces page.

    Foundational knowledge about race and racism, and reflecting on your experiences is an essential part of the journey to becoming anti-racist. We will begin this learning community by focusing on foundational knowledge and introspection. Then, we will focus on teaching strategies. Join us to become an anti-racist educator and create truly inclusive learning experiences for our students. 

    Coordinated by Ginny Hutcheson and Louisa Nkrumah, TLTC 

    This learning community is closed. Stay tuned for future learning opportunities.

    The Women of Color Learning Community is a space for women of color to build a supportive community, discuss teaching and learning at the University of Maryland, address challenges faced in their roles, and explore strategies to overcome them. 

    Coordinated by Louisa Nkrumah

    This learning community is closed. Stay tuned for future learning opportunities.

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