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2024 Teaching Innovation Grant Awardees

Three-Year Grant Awardees:

College Principal Investigator (PI) Co-PIs Project Title
ARHU Marisa Parham NarraSpace XR: Difference, Storytelling, and Embodiment
INFO Caro Williams-Pierce Andrew Fellows, Kate Iszak, Pamela Duffy, Kendall Williams Read, Watch, Play: Development of a Pedagogical Approach and Technical Infrastructure to Build Gamification, Game-Based Learning, and Other Hands-On Projects into Courses across Campus
SPHL Tracy Zeeger Sylvette LaTouche Howard, Ming Lin, Tom Goldstein AI-Powered Community Simulator: Revolutionizing Public Health Training

One-Year Grant Awardees:

College Principal Investigator (PI) Co-PIs Project Title
ARCH Hooman Koliji Mohammad Gharipour Charting the Future: Pioneering AI in Architectural Education Towards Sustainable Innovation
ARCH Brittany Williams Lindsey May, Michael Ezban Design Thinking with AI: Advancing Architectural Education Through Artificial Intelligence
ARHU, EDUC Kisa Lape Sarah Dammeyer, Daune O'Brien, Carolyn Fink Developing a Disability Resource and Technology Hub for Writing Instructors and Students
ARHU Madeline Hsu Psyche Williams-Forson Exploring the Migrant Table: Maryland’s Ethnic Foodways Project
ARHU Bronson Hui Elisa Gironzetti Gamified scenarios for Spanish L2 learning
BSOS Erin Moody Using Learning Analytics to Improve Student Success in Economics
BSOS Jeremy Purcell Ana Navarro-Cebrian Developing Online Resources for Learning Neuroscience
CMNS Elias Gonzalez Marco Molinaro Scaffolding Introductory Computer Science Education Based on Prior Education Analysis
CMNS Charles Delwiche Adena Collens Terrapin BioTools: Bioinformatics Education at UMD Through Evidence-Based Curricular Enhancements
CMNS Kimberly Paczolt David Straney Supporting a Diverse Student Population With Adaptive Learning Powered by Data Analytics
CMNS Jason Kahn Computer Simulation of DNA replication for Biochemistry/Biological Sciences Courses
CMNS Kendall Williams Large Lecture just for Me - A Personalized Student Approach
CMNS Jonathan Fernandes Mestiyage Gunatilleka Free, Accessible, and Comprehensive Course Text for Stat 400
EDUC, CMNS Daniel Chazan Lawrence Washington Refining Mathematics Instruction through Student Feedback
EDUC, ARHU Shannon Kane Loren Jones, Margaret Peterson Bridging Theory & Practice: Leveraging Technology to Create Immersive and Engaging Learning Opportunities for Preservice Elementary Teachers
ENGR Kiley Wilfong-Cullen VDC for Collaborative Design and Construction
ENGR Bardia Yousefi Giuliano Scarcelli, Yang Tao, Lei Ran, Eileen Harington Incorporating Advanced AI and ML in BCE/BIOE Curriculum
ENGR, TLTC Natasha Andrade Elisabeth Smela, Jackelyn Lopez Roshwalb, Vincent Nguyen, David Bigio Professional Certificate in Teaching Environmentally and Socially-Focused Engineeringally Responsible Engineering
INFO, EDUC Joel Chan David Weintrop Reimagining Introductory Programming Courses to Broaden Participation in Computing in a Post-Generative AI World
JOUR Derek Willis Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Protect Democracy: Training Students in AI-Assisted Journalism
SVPAAP Carinna Ferguson Multidisciplinary Open Educational Resource Supporting Undergraduate Student Readiness and Success in Research Engagements
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