Teaching Orientations

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TLTC New Faculty Orientation to Teaching

TLTC partners with the Office of Faculty Affairs to provide introductory information regarding teaching and the support available at the University of Maryland. Individual sessions for Departments and Colleges can also be scheduled upon request. Please email tltc@umd.edu to discuss your needs.

Graduate Student Teaching Orientations

Fall 2021

The Teaching and Learning Transformation Center's August 2021 Graduate Student Teaching Orientation will consist of both asynchronous and synchronous learning materials, although both are not required for all graduate student teachers. There will be no large single-day in-person event.

Synchronous learning - Save the Date! On Friday, August 27th from 10-noon we will have a live webinar via Zoom for Orientation. Please check back here for registration information and content.


Asynchronous materials -

Instructional Support Opportunities, August 2021


These self-paced videos, web materials, tip sheets and templates have been carefully curated to provide support for the common challenges and responsibilities of most graduate instructors.   

Access the asyncronous learning materials here



2015 GTA Orientation from TLTC @ UMD on Vimeo.