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Teaching Consultations are available to all University of Maryland teachers, including faculty, staff, and graduate students.

TLTC Teaching consultants work one-on-one with teachers based on their own goals to improve their teaching. The requesting teacher determines the issues to be explored, and the consultant provides an outside perspective, peer support for a plan of action, and suggestions for additional resources. Meetings are voluntary and completely confidential. The main purpose is the improvement of teaching skills, not evaluative assessment. Documentation will be done only at the request of the teacher.

Working with a Teaching Consultant Offers an Opportunity to Explore:

  • Alternative methods for teaching and classroom management
  • Peer observation and feedback
  • Student evaluation data
  • Alternative classroom assessment methods, such as mid-semester evaluations and small group interviews
  • Video feedback and analysis of your class
  • Development or review of instructional materials, such as syllabi, exams, and assignments
  • Course design
  • Your teaching philosophy statement or teaching portfolio
  • Feedback prior to APT or committee review
  • Teaching with new technology
  • Develop or redesign an online course
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