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Examples of Free Response Feedback Surveys

Here are some examples of how you could create free response feedback instruments for midterm or end-of-term feedback.

Sample instructions: 

Please complete the form below honestly and include details as appropriate. The purpose of your feedback is to help determine how the course is going at this point and what areas might be improved to better meet student needs. Areas you may wish to comment on could include: homework, teaching style, fairness, the textbook and other materials, intellectual stimulation, etc. However, please comment on any aspects that are important to you.

Sample question sets: 

  1. What have you learned in this course that you have found particularly interesting or exciting?  
  2. What has been taught that is confusing or unclear and do you feel needs more coverage in class?                   
  3. How would you rate the teaching and learning climate in the class?
  4. Is the atmosphere a positive one for all students regardless of race, gender, disability or other individual differences? 
  1. What’s going right?
  2. What should change?
  3. What would help you get more out of this course?
  1. What aspect of the class has been most useful for helping you learn the material?
  2. What aspect of the class has been least useful for helping you learn the material?
  3. What aspect of the class have you liked the most?
  4. Give one suggestion for how we might change the class to meet your learning needs:
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