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Femal instructor with her hair pulled back in a ponytail writes notes on a chalkboard as she teaches a class.

Learning Technology

The Academic Technology and Innovation Unit within the Division of IT, has countless resources you might find valuable. Below are some learning technologies that you might find immediately useful:

For announcements, posting office hours, sharing weekly content summaries, or to expand your instructor presence, you might consider:

For lectures, discussions or additional information sharing, you might consider:

For engaging your students, building community, helping them collaborate or solve complex problems, you might consider the following:

For providing practice and feedback, demonstration of learning or assessment of learning, you might consider the following:

Check out the security and privacy page for recommendations, best practices and resources for instructors to ensure that online teaching and learning activities are conducted in a secure, respectful and fruitful way.

For all UMD IT services, please visit the IT Service Desk's Service Catalog.

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