COVID-19: Increasing Support for Online Teaching

While Designing Your Course


  1. Consider your overall course design
    1. Talk to your students: pre-course surveys and periodic check-ins will help you to better address the needs of the diverse student body
    2. Use language in your syllabus that encourages students who needs accommodations to pursue them!
  2. Consider your course materials
    1. Provide copies of materials in multiple formats - including digital versions whenever possible!
    2. Use high contrast text and images, with at least 12 point sans serif fonts such as Arial or Calibri
    3. When using mixed media, closed captioning and the ability to rewatch media is helpful for students!
  3. Consider your presentation
    1. Face the audience when speaking
    2. Present new and technical vocabulary in a handout or written on the board
    3. Rephrase and repeat questions from students so everyone can hear
  4. Remember that many disabilities are not visible and are often complex.
    1. Are you testing engagement and knowledge?
    2. Your flexibility could make or break a student's chances of success.
  5. If you don’t know what to do or how to handle an accommodation, contact Disability Student Services for assistance!