UTLP Approved Courses

List of Approved Courses for UTLP

The following courses are approved for UTLP. At the Associate level, 1 credit courses are acceptable. For the Practitioner and Scholar levels, 2 credit or higher courses are encouraged. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester, and certain courses are restricted to students in specific graduate programs. Please contact TLTC staff to determine eligibility of courses not included on this list. 

Approved Courses:

  • ANSC688V (2 credits) Special Topics; Introduction to University Teaching for Graduate Students
  • ARHU788 (1-2 credits) Professional Development Seminar:  Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • ARHU789A (1 credit) Professional Development Practicum: Course Design
  • BIOL608K/CBMG699K/CHEM608K/ENTM699K (2 credits) Biology and Chemistry Seminar; Biological and Chemical Sciences Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Teacher: Gili Marbach-Ad, instructor's permission is required)
  • BISI701/ENTM701 (1 credit) Teaching & Professional Development in Biology; Effective Teaching: TA Training
  • COMM686 (1 credit) Teaching Communication
  • DANC604 (2 credits) Dance Pedagogy
  • EDCP775 (3 credits) Facilitating Student Learning in Higher Education
  • EDCP789R (1 credit) Advanced Topics in Counseling and Personnel Services; College Teaching Seminar
  • EDHD692 (3 credits) Cognitive Basis of Instruction
  • EDHD718 (1 credit) Apprenticeship in College Teaching
  • EDHD721 (3 credits) Cognitive Development and Learning: An Introduction
  • EDHD722 (3 credits) Learning Theory and the Educative Process
  • EDHD760 (3 credits) Advanced Educational Psychology
  • EDHD835 (3 credits) The Development of Achievement Motivation
  • ENGL611 Approaches to College Composition
  • GEOG788D (3 credits) From Communicating Science to Facilitating Learning and Didactical Skill
  • HIST607 (1 credit) The Teaching of History in Institutions of Higher Learning
  • JOUR808B (1 credit) Doctoral Colloquium; Teaching as a Transformative Enterprise
  • LATN640 Latin Pedagogy
  • MATH695 (1 credit) Teaching Seminar
  • MUED780 Seminar in Music Teacher Education
  • MUED785 Teaching Music in Higher Education
  • MUSC448D Music History Pedagogy
  • MUSC675 (1 credit) Music Theory Pedagogy
  • MUSC645 (1 credit) Seminar in Vocal Pedagogy
  • MUSC659B (1 credit) Seminar in Repertoire and Pedagogy; Orchestral
  • MUSC659C (1 credit) Seminar in Repertoire and Pedagogy; Wind
  • MUSC800 (1 credit) Advanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy I
  • MUSC801S (3 credits) Advanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy II
  • MUSC802A (3 credits) Advanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy III
  • MUSC659 (1 credit) Seminar in Repertoire and Pedagogy
  • MUSC660 (1 credit) String Pedagogy
  • PHYS708 (1 credit) Seminar in Teaching College Physics
  • PSYC798B (1 credit) Graduate Seminar; The Psychology of Teaching
  • SOCY699A (1 credit) Special Social Problems; Sociology Teaching Assistants Seminar
  • SOCY699T (1 credit) Special Social Problems; Teaching Sociology
  • SLLC601 (1 credit) Teaching Foreign Languages in Higher Education
  • THET606 (1 credit) Teaching Theatre
  • TLTC798 (1-2 credits) University Teaching & Learning
  • WMST619 (1 credit) Women's Studies Teaching Practicum (WMST students only)