Scott Roberts

Director of Instructional Excellence & Innovation

Prior to joining the TLTC, Scott was the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Psychology and a Teaching & Learning Consultant for the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Denison University, where he conducted research with apes at the Ohio State Chimpanzee Center, and then spent three years as a dolphin trainer and research associate at the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory in Honolulu.  Scott came to Maryland in 2003 to pursue his Ph.D. in Social Psychology, focusing on research related to deception detection and interrogation.  He went on to serve as a Research Psychologist for the Federal Government before returning to the campus in 2011.  In addition to overseeing the Department’s undergraduate program, Scott leads a research group on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and teaches undergraduate courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Persuasion, the Psychology of Unethical Conduct, the Psychology of Evil, and a graduate seminar on Teaching.  In addition to his scholarly publications and presentations, Scott has been involved in grant-supported course redesign initiatives, learning outcome assessments, and the campus’ graduate and faculty fellows programs.