The following programs offered by TLTC and other campus units are available to support faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate students in transforming teaching and learning:

Programs for Faculty

  • Elevate Fellows Course Redesign Program: Elevate Fellows’ mission is to improve student learning outcomes and increase outcome equity. Through backward course design, fellows apply research to create student-centered, active teaching and learning environments.

  • Launch Program: This program provides faculty with a cohesive but customizable series of professional development activities to help them advance their teaching, collect evidence of their effectiveness, and leverage innovative, evidence-based approaches in their classrooms.  Faculty who satisfy all ten of the Launch Program activities will receive a certificate of completion from the Office of the Provost.

  • Faculty Learning Community (FLC) Fellows: FLC Fellows are trained on facilitating effective community meetings and then take the lead in organizing the group’s activities and discussions throughout a semester.

  • Faculty Liaison Network

  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs): The TLTC in partnership with DIT, the libraries and other units on campus has supported UMD faculty in creating 19 Coursera MOOCs including three specializations in mobile programming with Android, cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship. These courses are engaging faculty in the creative use of technology, not only to scale up student learning, but also to analyze teaching methods and resulting learning outcomes to improve course materials and pedagogy.

  • Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows: The Office of Undergraduate Studies sponsors an opportunity for a small cohort of faculty to participate in a faculty learning community addressing an important issue relevant to undergraduate student education.
    => Offered by TLTC and Undergraduate Studies

Programs for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • University Teaching & Learning Program (UTLP): The TLTC in collaboration with The Graduate School offers this professional development program on teaching and learning in higher education for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Aligning with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) goals, the UTLP provides formal training at three levels: Associate; Practitioner; and Scholar.
    => Offered by TLTC & Grad School

Programs for Graduate Students

  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship Program: The TLTC and Graduate School offer this year-long fellowship for advanced graduate students to develop and sustain a cross-disciplinary learning community in preparation for future faculty positions. The program provides an opportunity for graduate student teachers to share their insights into enhancing teaching and learning at the University of Maryland, develop a teaching project, and conduct research.
    => Offered by TLTC & Grad School

  • TLTC 798 - University Teaching & Learning
    Whether you are highly experienced as an instructor or just getting started, this course will offer valuable training and support. It's an opportunity to learn about essential pedagogical theories and evidence-based practices for your classroom. FYI: The course counts towards UTLP requirements for program participants.

  • Graduate Student Liaison Network

Programs for Undergraduate Students

  •  Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP): The Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP) trains select undergraduates to advance the learning outcomes of their fellow students through coursework and hands-on experience.

  • Guided Study Sessions: The Guided Study Sessions (GSS) Program offers FREE, regularly scheduled group review sessions for students in traditionally difficult courses. 

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Program: The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Program is provided by the College of Education and serves students across campus. Selected students work with a faculty mentor and provide TA services while they learn about teaching.
    => Offered by College of Education