Active Learning Institute

If you want to increase student engagement in your courses, join us for TLTC’s new three-and-a-half-day Active Learning Institute!


How can we create courses that encourage active learning and improve student engagement, belonging, and motivation? We invite instructors to participate in a hands-on Active Learning Institute to transform their courses into an inclusive environment for participatory, engaged learning. We will apply research-based practices to the process of developing courses in this model. Through a combination of hands-on activities, feedback, reflection, presentation, and discussion, we will work through the essentials of designing online or in-class materials to facilitate deep learning.

Instructors will select a specific unit of content in their course, clarify learning objectives for that unit, then develop engaging and participatory assessments and activities to align with the objectives. The institute will also provide instructors with an opportunity to discuss teaching and gain insights from other UMD instructors across the disciplines.

After attending this institute, participants should be able to: 

  • Assess the effectiveness of learning objectives 
  • Align class activities and assessments to learning objectives
  • Articulate what active, engaged learning would look like in the classroom (or online environment) for a specific lesson or module, and design an intentionally scaffolded activity/lesson plan/assignment, etc.   
  • Develop a plan to create a classroom (or online) environment that encourages student engagement, belonging, and motivation
  • Develop an initial plan to evaluate the impact of the newly designed activity or module on student learning 

TLTC's Active Learning Institute is open to all UMD instructors of record. Whether you are teaching face-to-face, blended, or fully online, we will help you transform your course.

Upon completion of this institute, participants will receive a stipend.


The Active Learning Institute has been postponed to January 2021.

Contact if you have questions.