The TLTC Launch Program

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Central to the TLTC’s mission, its Faculty Launch Program provides faculty with a cohesive but customizable series of professional development activities to help them advance their teaching, collect evidence of their effectiveness, and leverage innovative, evidence-based approaches in their classrooms.  Faculty who satisfy all ten of the Launch Program activities will receive a certificate of completion from the Office of the Provost.

Watch Ben Bederson, our Associate Provost, get launched into the air...


The TLTC Launch Program from TLTC @ UMD on Vimeo.

Over the next 2-5 years you will...

  • Attend two TLTC workshops, with at least one from the Diversity & Inclusion series
  • Arrange a TLTC teaching observation & consultation
  • Complete two online modules:
    • OM1 - The Student Experience at UMD
    • OM2 - Special Teaching Opportunities
  • Attend Launch Course Design Training Seminar
  • Attend Launch Pedagogical Technologies Training Seminar
  • Participate in a Faculty Learning Community
  • At least two additional electives, such as…
    • A TLTC Seminar speaker
    • TLTC Teaching Portfolio Retreat
    • Attend a teaching-related conference
    • TLTC Reading Group

Then, finalize and submit your stellar teaching portfolio.

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