Upcoming Events

December 04, 2017
Learning Community
Teaching-As-Research (TAR) involves deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods to advance teaching and learning in higher education. These meetings serve as informal forums... read more
December 06, 2017
Whether you are planning a short presentation or a longer lecture, your goal is still to convey information in a clear, engaging, and effective way. Join us for an active discussion on the strategies... read more
December 12, 2017
Come learn how to use improvisational theater exercises as teaching tools in your own classroom. Whether you teach a Humanities course or a STEM course, in a “large lecture” or “small seminar” format... read more
January 16, 2018
Portfolio Retreat
Receive instruction and support in preparing your philosophy of teaching statement and developing your teaching portfolio. The retreat is geared toward graduate students who have served as teaching... read more
January 22, 2018
Whether you're a new or returning teaching assistant or graduate student instructor, come receive: Practical training for effective teaching Support in developing teaching identity and... read more