Neurodiversity: From Accommodations to Inclusion

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 14:00 to 15:15

ESJ 0201

The Neurodiversity Faculty Learning Community invites you to an event centered around neurodiversity and teaching neurodiverse students. From a place of appreciative inquiry rather than expertise and “wanting to have all the answers,” we’ll use design thinking as a tool to connect, engage, and re-frame what some might see as “problems” into “opportunities.”

Unlike a typical workshop/seminar, the event will use a framework called "Open Spaces (OS)” that will be guided and facilitated by members of the Neurodiversity Faculty Learning Community. The event won't feature a predetermined agenda, but will ask participants to nominate topics for activation and discussion that respond to the challenge question “How can we make our classes more inclusive and engaging for neurodiverse students?”Groups will form throughout the event space to consider their topics of choice, according to the OS principles.

During the fall semester, the Neurodiversity FLC began working toward increasing their understanding of neurodiversity concepts, the current UMD landscape (including the process for accommodations), and best practices. Our conclusion: By making the university a better place for neurodiverse students, we make it better for all students.

Come with your questions, curiosities, stories, ideas, needs and more. At this event, you can raise topics for dialogue, collaborate with others, lead conversations or listen in, and connect with other participants. Faculty, staff, and students spanning a range of understanding of neurodiversity issues — from newbies to self-advocates — are all welcome!


Scott Roberts
Director of instructional Excellence & Innovation
Teaching & Learning Transformation Center

Spencer Benson
Teaching & Learning Transformation Center

Mira Azarm
Innovation Instigator
Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship