Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series


Going Global: Opportunities and strategies for internationalizing your teaching

Central to the University's mission, we must strive to help prepare our students with the cultural competence necessary to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.  Come learn from faculty and staff with the Office of International Affairs how you can incorporate global teaching into your course, which could be anything from a small adjustment to an assignment all the way to taking your course abroad.

Writing assignments: Strategies and resources for supporting the diverse range of communication skills

There is no question that strong communication skills are essential, and yet instructors and assistants often feel they are left to grade undergraduate writing without doing much to actually improve it.  This is particularly challenging when there are wide gaps in preparedness or proficiency with the English language.  Luckily, the Writing Center is here to help!  Come learn about strategies for designing writing assignments, providing formative feedback, and referring students to helpful resources.

Why won’t they talk? Recipes for an active classroom climate.

If you are asking your students to participate with you and each other, you first have to take a step back and think about the ways in which you can help create a classroom climate that supports and encourages engagement.  Come learn about the various reasons students might be reluctant to participate and practice strategies for cooking up active classroom meetings.

How to make your teaching more accessible: Disabilities & universal design

As instructors, it can be challenging to engage with issues of disability and access in our classroom and online. This session will explore ways to make disability an empowering component of classroom diversity, and offer useful resources to increase the accessibility of your teaching.

Note: This session is part of our Diversity & Inclusion Series - learn more about earning a certificate.


Psychological barriers to student performance

Featured Speakers: 
Dylan Selterman, PSYC
Alexis Williams, TLTC

Anyone who has taught a course knows that performance is about more than raw intelligence – there are a number of psychological influences that might undermine our students’ ability to achieve at their potential.  In this session we will explore the research on the psychological barriers and help you brainstorm ways to help your students identify and overcome them.


Trigger warnings: Should you, could you, would you?

Featured Speakers: 
Beth Douthirt-Cohen, ODI
Domonic Rollins, ODI

Educators nationwide are debating how to approach trigger warnings… should we warn students that content might be offensive or distressing to some? Is it possible for you to do that in your own courses? What influences your thoughts on whether or not you will? Experts and a panel of faculty will lead an interactive discussion to help you understand and explore the topic and its implications for inclusivity, free speech, and student learning.

Accommodating the disabilities we can't see with inclusive course design and teaching

Featured Speakers: 
Jo Ann Hutchinson, ADS
Ana Palla-Kane, TERPAccess
Sue Johnston, LTS

We have an ethical responsibility to make our classes an inclusive and accessible environment, but that can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure what you need to do, and you don’t see any students with disabilities in your class. We will talk about some of the less obvious obstacles that students might face, and how simple changes can help make your class and your online course space more accessible for all students regardless of their disability status.


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