Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series

Accessible Learning: What does this mean for my online course?

As authors of instructional content, University of Maryland educators (faculty, instructors, trainers) have the responsibility to ensure that students can access and interact with all content related to course delivery.  Instructors who design new courses or redesign existing courses to be hosted on ELMS must adhere to all ADA regulations and WCAG 2.0 recommendations in terms of the delivery of video, audio, graphical content, and text.

Stereotype Threat: What You Think They Think Matters

In this workshop the presenters will lead a discussion of how stereotypes function in memory and how our knowledge of them can inhibit academic performance.  Luckily, the research also points us towards pedagogical practices that can reduce the harmful effect of stereotype threat, so together we’ll develop a plan to address this on our campus and in our classrooms.

This is part of TLTC's Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series.


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