Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series

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Getting Metacognitive: Transforming Students into Learners

The more students understand about the science of their own learning, the more effective they are. Unfortunately, many struggle because misconceptions about memory lead to poor study strategies, assumptions about their own abilities limits growth, and subconscious motivations undermine academic goals. Come learn strategies for helping students become more self-aware and metacognitive learners.

Universal Design: Making Your Course Accessible to Everyone

Ensuring that each of your students is held to the same performance standards is certainly important, but equality does not establish equal access and opportunity. Come discuss the distinction and learn more about what you can do to make Maryland the gold standard for educational equity. Topics include: accessibility & universal design, disabilities and accommodations, and inclusivity.

Addressing Sensitive and Divisive Topics and Events

Do you say anything at all or just pretend like nothing happened? Do you ask students how they are thinking and feeling? Do you share your personal views or remain a neutral third-party? Managing hot topics and current events can be challenging for anyone, especially when they deeply affect the students we are here to educate. Join us for an open discussion on different philosophies and practical guidance for course instructors and assistants.


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