About ESJ

Picture of ESJ building with text "12 TERP classrooms", then three classrooms labeled 6 Round, tiered collaborative, and media share

The Edward St. John Learning & Teaching Center houses many of the University of Maryland's newest TERP Classrooms, which are especially designed to support active learning.  The tiered-collaborative, 6round, and media share rooms are technology-enhanced environments that enable every person in the classroom to Teach, Engage, Respond, and Participate.


How TLTC Supports Your Teaching in ESJ

One-on-One Consultations

The TLTC staff are happy to meet one-on-one with faculty and graduate students who are teaching in ESJ. These meetings are voluntary, completely confidential, and based on the teacher's goals. Request a consulation now.


Fall and spring workshops address a variety of teaching-related subjects. Those workshops designated as ones that promote active learning would be most useful for those teaching in ESJ such as "101 Active Learning Techniques You Can Try Tomorrow" and "Evidence-Based: 4 Research Findings That Every Instructor Should Know About." Our regular course design retreats are also opportunities for instructors to rework their course to better utilize the ESJ classrooms. Check our upcoming events page for more.


Semesterly orientations introduce instructors to their new classroom, including the technology. Keep an eye on this page and our newsletter for specific dates.

How Instructors Are Using the New Classrooms

This Chronicle of Higher Education video (December 2017) shows how UMD instructors reworked their courses to take advantage of each type of high-tech classroom.