English for Speakers of Other Languages

For international students—including GTAs—for whom English is not a native language, the following may provide support:

Learning Assistance Service offers an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Conversation Program (www.counseling.umd.edu/LAS/html/esolconvprog.html#home).

The Maryland English Institute provides high-quality programs and courses for non-native speakers of English and strives to provide balanced perspectives of the diversity of American academic, social, and cultural life (mei.umd.edu/). The Institute also offers English programs for International Teaching Assistants to become effective oral communicators in the classroom (http://marylandenglishinstitute.com/wpdir/english-programs/).

Free English editing services for international graduate students are offered under the aegis of the Graduate School (see www.english.umd.edu/academics/writingcenter/graduate/international).