Elevate Fellows Funding Information

Faculty Fellows receive a total of $8,000 ($7,000 of Elevate Fellows funds and $1,000 of matching department funds) to support the redesign of their course. Funding is distributed in three installments: at the start of the program, before the start of the redesign (this will differ depending on whether you pilot in fall or spring), and at the end of the program. Timely distribution of funds is dependent on completion of specific program requirements. Funds can be used for professional needs related to teaching, but not research or course buy-outs.

Approved funding options include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Support post-docs, graduate or undergraduate students, education specialists, and/or video creation or editing experts to help produce materials and resources for your redesign before or during the pilot. 
  • Purchase materials, like software or supplies, directly related to the course redesign.
  • Professional development activities related to teaching and learning (e.g., attend teaching & learning conference)
  • Summer salary to work on course redesign (for 9 month employees only)
  • Other reasonable expenditures to be discussed with TLTC      

Fellows submit a budget with their redesign plan prior to piloting the redesign course. Expenditures may need to be approved by department or unit in addition to the TLTC. Learn more about the program requirements and funding in the agreement.