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ELMS-Canvas Course Design Process for Faculty

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The Learning Technology Design team often partners with university faculty on the (re)design of ELMS course spaces in order to enhance student engagement and innovate student learning. The process includes multiple steps related to planning a design, building, teaching and reflecting on and reusing the course space from semester to semester. The design process steps are provided below as a guide for instructors who wish to work more independently. ELMS course design is an iterative process. Each term is an opportunity to explore another step in this suggested process. At any time, the Learning Technology Design team is available to assist you.

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Step 1: Building blocks for course design

Step 2: Collect and organize your course resources

  • Identify digital resources (PDFs, videos, podcasts, sites, e-books, case studies, games, articles, etc.).
  • Select visuals (images, graphs, diagrams, charts, and photos) to enhance and support explanatory content.
  • Store your electronic files in a Google Drive or Box folder system that is organized by modules or content type (e.g., videos, readings, assignments, etc.) to share these resources easily with co-designers and collaborators.

Step 3: Review your electronic content





Step 1: Configure your course space

Step 2: Add resources

Step 3: Manage enrollment

Step 4: Run a final check





Step 1: Welcome students to your course

Step 2: Communicate with students

Step 3: Stay engaged with students

Step 4: Collaborate, share, and create

Step 5: Evaluate student work



Reflect & Reuse


Review and recycle your course space

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