AMP Training

TLTC333: Fundamentals of Academic Peer Mentoring


TLTC 333 is a one-credit blended course designed to support the cross-disciplinary, research-based professional development of AMPs during their first semester serving as an AMP. AMPs complete online and face-to-face (F2F) training in which they 1) engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning literature, 2) collaborate with other AMPs as a learning community, and 3) practice and reflect on teaching techniques and skills.  The hybrid or blended structure of the class is based on in-person and online assignments and group activities.  The assignments culminate in a portfolio of professional development.

Learning Outcomes 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): AMPs prepare to teach and mentor using strategies based on an introductory SoTL exploration of learning research and evidence-based pedagogies.

Community of Practice (CoP): AMPs enhance their mentoring skills by engaging in a community of practice through peer discussions, teaching demonstrations, and peer review.

Periodic Reflections (PRs): AMPs develop reflective teaching practices by writing, discussing, and thinking deeply and carefully about mentorship-related experiences in weekly online modules and their final mentorship portfolio.

For more information about TLTC333, review the syllabus for Spring 2020.


TLTC 399: Independent Study in Academic Peer Mentoring

TLTC can provide instructors with a 1-3 credit section of our independent study course so that AMPs can earn course credit for their time spent mentoring in and out of the classroom.  Details vary by instructor, but the expectation is that AMPs enrolled in TLTC 399 receive:

Guided Mentorship:  Course instructors support and supervise AMPs in their course.

Course-Specific Skills Development: AMPs regularly meet and consult with course instructors individually or in small groups to develop course-specific mentorship skills.

Assessment of Mentorship: AMPs are assessed by course instructor via observations of AMP-student interactions, reflection reviews, and other discipline-specific teaching and mentorship products.

The number of credits AMPs register for depends on the total number of hours they will work during the semester. For each credit, they must have scheduled a minimum of 45 active hours in that semester (roughly 3 per week in the fall or spring, 7.5 per week in summer, and 15 per week in winter). Here are some general notes on enrollment in TLTC399:

  • AMPs must have already completed, or be currently enrolled in, TLTC 333 (unless they have completed an approved TLTC333 equivalent).
  • Course instructors/supervisors must approve enrollment forms and will be the instructor of record for their independent study course section(s).
  • AMPs may not earn more than 6 total credits of TLTC 399 across semesters.