AMP Enrollment - Instructor

Course Instructors: Join the Program and Submit Course Summary on ELMS

AMP Enrollment Process & Deadlines

Join the Program: All new course instructors interested in joining AMP for the first time should apply at

The application form will ask you to provide the following information:
  • Briefly describe the course structure and the role you envision AMPs playing in supporting student learning in your course.
  • Briefly describe your vision for how you will work with AMPs as part of an instructional team. In other words, when and how will you communicate with AMPs for purposes of planning, reflection, and feedback?

A TLTC staff member will review and approve your submission and invite you to the AMP Program and instructor ELMS page. There, you will be asked to submit a course summary to add your course to the AMP enrollment form for the current semester.

Submit Course Summary: All new and returning course instructors complete the course summary on ELMS to have your course added to the AMP enrollment form for the upcoming semester.

The course summary will ask you to provide the following information: 

  • Course number for AMPed course(s)
  • A short description of your AMPed course and the role that AMPs play in supporting student engagement and learning, both in an out of the classroom. This description will be added to our current list of AMPed courses.
  • List the specific responsibilities that AMPs will fulfill and the number of hours that each responsibility will require.
  • The learning outcomes AMPs will achieve during their mentorship.
  • How you will assess AMPs' performance of their responsibilities.

The AMP Instructor ELMS page includes additional resources and guidance to help you complete your course summary and engage in successful and meaningful collaboration with your AMPs!

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