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Peer Mentors: Complete the Enrollment Form to Register for TLTC 333 or TLTC399

Click here to access the enrollment form for Spring 2020

Once selected by a course instructor, AMPs may then request permission to register for TLTC333, the required training course for new AMPs, or TLTC399, the independent study credits for your work as an AMP, by filling out the enrollment form. The form will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Name, ID, and general academic information
  • Course name and instructor
  • A brief written description of the general nature of your AMP responsibilities and the specific learning outcomes you will achieve during your mentorship
  • If enrolling in TLTC399, you should be prepared to outline specific responsibilities and their corresponding time commitments, as well as describe how the course instructor (or assigned supervisor) will assess your performance and assign a final grade. The course instructor you are working with should provide you with this information

When you apply you will also be asked to verify that you have read and agree to the AMP Program Policies

The Process 

AMP Enrollment Process & Deadlines

(1) AMPs complete the form: Upon completion, your enrollment form is emailed automatically to both you and your course instructor to ensure complete alignment before submitting to TLTC. 
(2) Instructor approves the form: Course instructors review the content of the form and approve it by forwarding the email with complete form responses to with “Approved” in the message.
(3) TLTC removes registration block: TLTC generally processes enrollment forms within two business days. After that time, you should check that you are able to register for TLTC 333 and/or 399 on Testudo.  AMPs who register for TLTC 399 will need to enter a designated section number provided by your course instructor. 
Deadline for Spring 2020: All approved enrollment forms must be sent by course instructors to TLTC by February 5, 2020, so that TLTC can remove the registration block in time for the schedule adjustment deadline, February 7, 2020.
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