TLTC's Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP)


We are currently working on restructuring and improving the AMP Program (and all enrollment forms) for Fall 2019, so all enrollments are on hold for now! We will be in touch with returning course instructors throughout the summer to make sure that your course and AMPs will be registered and ready to go for Fall. Course instructors that are interested in joining AMP for the first time in Fall 2019 should contact for more information. Thank you for your patience as we work to revise and update the program in a way that will allow us to support you and your students as we continue to grow!


What is the AMP Program?

The Academic Peer Mentoring Program (AMP) trains select undergraduates to advance the learning outcomes of their fellow students.  Through coursework and hands-on experience, AMPs learn about the science behind effective teaching and develop the professional skills necessary to support the performance of others.  Working closely with program faculty, AMPs are critical elements of courses designed to create the active learning environments proven to help students learn.

Who Benefits?

  • Get in-class support for active learning and guided group work.
  • Learn from colleagues as a member of a Faculty Learning Community (FLC).
  • Get one-on-one and small-group interaction designed to reinforce learning and develop critical skills.
  • Learn from students who have been successful in the course who can share their perspectives and approaches.
  • Get the professional development experience that helps prepare them to effectively support and promote the performance of others.
  • Practice effective communication skills to convey concepts, processes, and constructive feedback.
  • Learn about the scientific research on teaching and how to apply evidence-based practices.
  • Create a portfolio highlighting the knowledge, skills, and experience that they have developed.

What’s Involved?

AMPs will have different responsibilities based on the courses they support, though their primary role will be to facilitate in-class activities, discussions, and projects.  In addition to their in-class responsibilities, AMPs complete TLTC 333 - Academic Peer Mentoring, a one-credit course designed to provide them with the foundational knowledge on the scholarship of teaching and learning.  All AMPs must complete TLTC 333 (or an approved equivalent) prior to or during the semester they are working with faculty to support a course. 

TLTC 333 has three essential components:

Interactive workshops are led by academic experts that help you develop and apply evidence-based approaches to teaching, learning, and mentorship.  The course kicks off with practical training on strong listening and communication skills, designing effective learning experiences, and supporting academic success.  Two more workshops throughout the semester will draw on the in-class experience with peers to reinforce critical skills and reflective practice.  The workshop schedule will be arranged based on the collective availability of AMPs.

Online modules provide the critical resources and foundational knowledge necessary for a thoughtful and evidence-based approach to advancing the performance of others.  Modules guide AMPs through scholarly readings, engaging videos, and online discussions with program staff, faculty, and participants.  Coursework deadlines are spread across the semester and can be completed at an individual’s convenience anytime prior to the due dates.

Professional Portfolios go beyond a résumé to provide concrete evidence of specific knowledge, skills, and expertise.  You will reflect on what you have learned and the experience you had with your in-class role to prepare a document that represents what you can do and why that is valuable in a broader professional context.

The one-credit course requires active coursework in person and online.

The credit hours for TLTC 333 are independent of the time commitment associated with supporting any particular course.  AMPs may also receive additional course credit for their time spent in the classroom and working with their faculty supervisor by enrolling in TLTC 399 – Academic Mentoring Activity (or other departmental equivalents).  For more information about independent study credits, contact the AMP Program Coordinator at


How do I apply?


Currently, participation in the program and enrollment in TLTC 333 are limited to students who have already arranged an assignment with participating faculty.  In your discussion with your instructional supervisor, you should review the application questions and outline the responsibilities and time commitments related to the course you will be supporting as an AMP.  After you have worked out the details with your instructional supervisor, submit your application for enrollment in TLTC 333 and/or TLTC 399.  To get started with the application process for either course, visit

Course Instructors

We are currently working on restructuring our application process for Fall 2019. Course instructors that are interested in joining AMP for Fall 2019 should contact for more information.

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