Active Learning Week

Active Learning Week 2018 (Oct. 22 - Oct. 26)


“The best teaching method is to have students put in effort to learn things themselves. You can’t become an athlete by watching someone play.” - Ben Bederson


Active Learning Week is an annual call to instructors to promote active learning in their classrooms

Active learning emphasizes that education is not a spectator sport - students learn best when they engage beyond listening and reading. 

Did you know that while active learning benefits all students, it can particularly benefit female, minority, low-income and first-generation students? (NY Times)



Course Observations

Instructors of all subject areas and course formats have signed up to host open-house course observations in order to showcase ways you can advance learning with active student engagement.
Follow this link to find a complete list of courses and observation opportunities!
You must register by 9am on October 18. Thank you for contributing to our campus-wide celebration of active learning!




Send us your photos!

We want to see and share all the ways you use Active Learning in your classrooms. Send us pictures of your students using active learnig techniques through the form below!



Scavenger Hunt


Check back here Monday October 22nd, at 9am for a link to the Active Learning Week scanvenger hunt. The first 10 Students and the first 10 Instructors will win a free ice cream scoop at the Maryland Dairy!


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