TLTC 798 - University Teaching & Learning

Whether you are highly experienced as an instructor or just getting started, TLTC 798 is designed to help you develop your pedagogical thinking, skills, and experience.

Learning Outcomes
As scholars, much of our focus is within our own disciplines, but what unites us all as members of a campus learning community is our shared mission to educate.  This course will introduce you to core theoretical frameworks of learning and the scientific evidence that can inform your scholarly teaching.

After successfully completing this course you will be prepared to:

  • Describe the four pillars of an effective course and some evidence-based practices that relate to each.
  • Implement strategies for engaging students across a wide range of course topics, sizes, and formats.
  • Create an inclusive, supportive, and productive learning environment for a diverse population of students.
  • Teach students to utilize evidence-based learning strategies. 
  • Identify psychological barriers that can detract from students’ performance and strategies for overcoming them.

You will also have demonstrated the technical proficiency required to: 

  • Create an advanced PowerPoint presentation with custom animation sequences, embedded videos, and internal links.
  • Set up an ELMS course page with quizzes, surveys, graded assignments, discussion boards, and SpeedGrader rubrics.
  • Use a response system to poll and assess students in class meetings.
  • Engage and interact with students in a blended or online format via virtual meetings, recorded presentations, and a variety of communication tools.

​Finally, you will have prepared a philosophy statement and portfolio that describes your theory-based perspective on teaching and examples of how you put it into practice.

Sample TLTC 798 Syllabus (draft and subject to change)


This is a two-credit course, which means that you should budget an additional two hours per week on average for out-of-class coursework and preparation.  You have the option of registering for only one credit if that's all that fits in your schedule, but the course requirements are the same regardless of whether you enroll for one or two credits.

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