Enrolling in TLTC 333 or 399

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Who is eligible to enroll in the AMP Program?

Students are selected by program instructors and should contact them directly to inquire about openings, roles, schedules, and specific eligibility and selection criteria.  We generally advise instructors to seek students who:

  1. Have demonstrated subject mastery with "A" level work in that course,
  2. Are in overall strong academic standing,
  3. Are dedicated to working directly with other students.

Instructors must contact TLTC at tltc-amp@umd.edu to connect their courses to the AMP program and clearance forms.


How do I enroll in TLTC 333?

Once selected by a course instructor, AMPs may then request permission to enroll in TLTC 333 (if they have not already completed it).  The application form will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Name, ID, and general academic information.
  • Course name and instructor.
  • A written summary of the ways in which you will support active learning in the course.  Specific responsibilities and their corresponding time commitments should be outlined.
  • A 500-word (or less) statement about why you have decided to participate in the AMP program.

When you apply you will also be asked to verify that you have read and agree to the AMP Program Policies.


When you have everything prepared...

  1. Complete a registration clearance form. Select the applicable semester below:
    • Spring 2019
    • Summer I 2019 - Have your course instructor contact us directly. TLTC 333 is not offered in Summer II. 
  2. Your application is automatically emailed to your course instructor for review and approval.
  3. The course instructor approves your application by forwarding the email to tltc-amp@umd.edu
  4. The application will be processed and the registration block removed on Testudo within 2 business days (weekdays only).
  5. Within 2-3 business days, you may enroll in TLTC 333.


Who is the instructor of TLTC 333?

Dr. Alexis Williams, AMP Program Coordinator: tltc-amp@umd.edu


Can I earn additional course credit with TLTC 399?

While the program experience is the same either way, some AMPs elect to request additional independent studies credit for their hands-on work in the classroom.  However, not every department offers a course number for independent studies, so those who are interested should discuss enrolling in TLTC 399 - Independent Study in Academic Peer Mentoring. 

Details are outlined on the policies page, but here are some general notes on enrollment:

  • You must have already completed, or be currently enrolled in, TLTC 333.
  • AMPs may enroll in one to three credits of TLTC 399 per semester.
  • For each credit, you must have scheduled a minimum of 45 active hours in that semester (roughly 3 per week in the fall or spring).
  • Course supervisors must approve applications to enroll and will be the instructor of record for their independent studies course section(s).
  • AMPs may not earn more than 6 total credits of TLTC 399.

Select the registration clearance form for the applicable semester above. You will be asked to provide a breakdown of your responsibilities, the amount of time per week each responsibility is expected to require, and how your performance as an AMP will be assessed.